Note To Self: Saturday Evening Mass Attendance

Now you KNOW this bunch is gonna cause trouble. ;)
Now you KNOW this bunch is gonna cause trouble. 😉

Note to self: stop trying to take your family to Saturday evening Mass.

Item 1: you’re trying to take children to church during the Witching Hour. And when you have spent 4 hours in the car and done two presentations, you are going to have trouble summoning the energy to deal with it.

Item 2: that bench gets very crowded on Saturday evenings. There’s not enough room for all those butt cheeks. There are going to be territorial disputes.

Item 3: No matter how tired you are, if you’ve been away from Mr. Michael Mayhem all day, he’s going to pull the world’s longest face if Daddy tries to keep him at that end of the pew.

Item 4: Julianna will follow up a whisper about how next year she’ll get to receive Communion with a chaser about riding a horse.

Item 5: Sometime during the Gospel, Michael, perched on top of the pew so he can see, will pretend to be Iron Man and start blasting your childhood church to smithereens.

All of which will cause laughter, but not leave a lot of room for a spiritual experience.

Remember this next time. Your children…are…morning people.