I Need Your Help!

Most of the time, I blog to inspire, to make you think or smile. Most of the time, I’m here to give to you.

But today, I need your help.

Childhood cover image-largeI’m starting down a new path this spring. At the request and under the direction of two flute-teacher friends, I have written a set of flute duets.

(I know–most of you aren’t musicians. Stick with me, here!)

The collection is titled “Childhood.” (Appropriate, don’t you think?) The individual duets are:

  • Night Lights
  • Swing Sets
  • Bike Riding
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Superheroes
  • Roller Coasters

The great thing about duets in general is that students can learn them in full with their teachers. They can practice ensemble–leadership, pitch, and phrasing–within the context of a weekly lesson, without having to find a pianist and schedule rehearsals.

The great thing about these duets is that they’re tuneful and fun, and the parts are equal–meaning there’s not one interesting part and one boring accompaniment. They’re constantly trading roles.

“Childhood” is available through J.W. Pepper, where you can listen to excerpts and view the music.

But the hardest thing about self-publishing is getting the word out. And that’s where you come in.

Now, I’m well aware that the vast majority of my readers aren’t musicians, but I’ll bet you know people who are: school music teachers, kids’ band directors, church musicians, parents of kids who play flute in band.

I need you to share!

Share this post. (I’m working on getting “share” buttons, but WordPress and I are having a breakdown in communication right now. I told it to display them, and it’s not. Beats me. I’ve asked support for help.)

Share the link to the music directly to Facebook, Twitter, email et al. (Here: I’ll even make it easy to cut and paste: http://bit.ly/1L1Rq9F )

And even easier: Here’s a Tweet you can use:

Flute-laughChildhood: Six progressive #duets for #flute. Tuneful, intermediate/upper-intermediate #music by @kathleenmbasihttp://bit.ly/1L1Rq9F

I know this is outside the comfort zone for most of us–myself included. I would normally rather crawl in a hole than risk being big-headed and bragging. But I’m asking for your help, because I can’t do this without you. I don’t have fancy giveaways for motivation–just a sincere request for your help on a rainy Wednesday morning. Hey, what else do you have to do today? 😉