What We’re Doing This Summer

What we’re doing lately:

Swim lessons. The little boys started yesterday. Nicholas amazed me. I don’t think he lost anything over the last year. Michael refused to go in the water. Fortunately, the inimitable founder of the swim school, who’s been teaching kids to swim for decades, was in the pool with another class and diverted to take on my three-year-old, who wailed and cried for a while and then stopped when he realized it was hopeless. “This is ‘stubborn’ meets ‘stubborn,’” she said. “Nice to meetcha.”

At this moment: eating cereal with two spoons. Because apparently it’s better that way.

Reading. Alex is finishing the last two Harry Potter books. He devoured #6 in two days last week. This book is going more slowly, because of….

Summer school. Julianna goes every year, of course, but this is Alex’s first year. He’s not doing regular school, but the EEE (gifted) program. Day one he found less than thrilling. Day two was better. We’ll see how day three goes.

Not keeping up with the outdoor work. I tried to issue weeding as a chore yesterday but the sad fact is that Nicholas is not good at it and Michael won’t do it at all, and with the glut of work projects backing up behind me, I don’t have the time to teach/force the issue right now. So I did a couple of beds yesterday and hopefully soon I’ll get to another couple, and…and… We also had to put the tomato cages on yesterday, which should have been done a week ago, because I mutilated my plants trying to get them on. They shot up all of a sudden.

Boys fightFighting, of course. Lots of fighting. Lots of mess making.

Picking cherries at a friend’s house. Tart cherries, oh Heavenly!

Playing my flute duets with my college flute teacher at a local Chinese restaurant, and then listening to him play trios with another friend and a third flutist who I only just met in the last year. While Michael played air guitar and meticulously imitated the shuffling of the adults’ music. Then heading over to church to sing and play for my pastor’s 50th anniversary of the priesthood. It was a beautiful Mass.

Golf camp. Nicholas loves it, and it’s free. No complaints from me.

Moving into travel writing, thanks to a friend/critique partner.

Life is busy. We always want more. More, more, more. But life is good.