Because Sometimes You Just Need To Laugh


Headless BarbieAfter a week that’s involved this much kid/parent drama, sometimes you need to focus on the funny and cute stuff they do.

Julianna’s best mannerism lately is this: “After, my food, is, in my mouth, can I have a movie?”

Nicholas’ bedtime prayer earlier this week:: “I pray for Deacon Brooke, and thank you for a good day, and that we have a good time burying Great Grandma in her little container.” (Oh come on. Yes, it’s maudlin and wildly socially inappropriate. It’s also screamingly funny.)

Michael, pretending to read The Snowy Day: “Then he took off his socks, because he peed dem…and now he is taking a baff….”

Michael has also adopted this hilarious mispronunciation lately: “Mommy, ten I haf a Wice Kismass twee?”

And then, of course, there was that time he came into the kitchen to ask for a glass of water with a deconstructed Nerf dart stuck as far up his nose as he could shove it.

There you have it: a short and sweet set of kid funnies to finish the week. And yes, I know I don’t have one from Alex here. But then, Alex is too big to have these funnies anymore (and he’d be furious if he did have one and I shared it!). But he did re-teach us how to play Spades last night. I went down in flames, in case you’re wondering.

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