The State Of My Life

Looking neither svelte nor attractive, but hey, I'll own it. It's the process.
Looking neither svelte nor attractive, but hey, I’ll own it. It’s the process.

I ran a 5K this weekend. Technically speaking, it wasn’t my first; I did one ten years ago, with Alex in the jogging stroller. But I walked 2/3 of that one. My goal this weekend was to run the whole thing. And I did.

Tuesdays are shaping up to be both the best and worst days of the week: two piano lessons, band, horseback riding lessons, and teaching a flute lesson.

I am riding Michael to and from preschool in the Burley trailer 2 or 3 out of every four days at the moment. It’s less than a mile, but harder than it seems, because the last half mile is a long slow hill that gets steeper the closer to the school you get. Those last two blocks are pretty brutal with 40 pounds on the back end. Hopefully by next spring, Michael will be strong enough to ride his own bike all the way up there.

I have no kids at home for 3 hours, four days a week. But it doesn’t feel like that time goes nearly as far as it did last year, somehow. I think I’ve fully adjusted to being a work-at-home mom now, so nothing seems as much a windfall as it did a year ago.

I had my first mammogram this week. Yee-haw. Nuff said.

I’m giving a recital in 2 1/2 weeks. Details here.

I’m having to water my lawn. Ridiculous weather: it wouldn’t stop raining all summer, and now it hasn’t rained to speak of in a month and a half. Year after year, we say, “What a weird weather year.” There’s a larger message in there, but I’m not picking fights today.

I’m writing with Pope Francis in the background. Love that man.