Off Making Music

Item 1: Time plus focus = momentum, the anti-writer’s block.

Item 2: I have neither time nor excessive amounts of focus.

Net Result: I frequently feel a frustrating lack of inspiration when writing music, even though I feel more alive when I write music than with anything else I do.

It is, perhaps, divine irony that in de-cluttering and re-packing my computer bag today I threw away an unread, torn-out page of a Writer’s Digest issue on nurturing creativity and saw the suggestion: “Vary your creative pursuits.”

I salute you, WD, and I obey. This week I am off to the Mercy Center in St. Louis for the Liturgical Composers Forum, soaking in the collective wisdom of people with a lot more experience than myself. I will blog if there is time; if not (as I suspect), I’ll be back next Monday. If you are near St. Louis, we’ll be ending the week with a concert on Thursday evening benefiting the Mercy Center. More info and ticket link are here (tickets must be purchased in advance).

2015 LCF concert. Image via Mercy Center STL. Used with permission.