A Julianna Story

Julianna Walk With Jesus
Out for a stroll with Jesus at Garden of the Gods, Shawnee National Forest, Southern Illinois

Last Sunday after church, the kids begged to go get some doughnuts after Mass. But by the time we got over there, we were missing our girl-child. This is highly unusual, you understand. Miss J does not suffer the Lent-long abstinence from sweets with joy and gladness. So for her to be missing was a bit concerning.

Christian left me with the boys and went to find her.

Which he did.

Out at the van. Standing beside it, waiting for everyone to catch up with her. And this is how it played out:

Julianna: “Dad! I am, not, happy with you!”

Christian: “Why not?”

Julianna: “Because you, did not, stay with me!”

Christian: “I’m not happy with you because you walked outside without us.”

Julianna: “That’s okay. Jesus was with me.”

(Pause for the heart-catch.)

Yes, I think this girl’s ready for her First Communion.