Pictures From The Big Day

A young lady’s big day in the Basi household begins with dancing with your little brother…

…continues with joining the choir for one of your favorite songs (“Love Has Come, by Matt Maher”)…

Blog J Love Has Come

…peaks with receiving your first Communion (officially this time)…

Blog J First Communion
My favorite picture of the day. Unfortunately, it’s trimmed so much, the quality’s note great. Sorry.

Blog J First Communion-cup

…forces you to tolerate having lots and lots of pictures taken….

J First Communion with KC


Blog J with Msgr  Blog 16

(There’s a wonderful symmetry to having this man present to administer her first two sacraments of initiation, nine years apart.)

And of course, it’s not so hard to smile when you have cousins and grandparents to pose with…

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…and when you get cards and presents and singing, it’s a good day all around. But for mommies, the most fun is seeing cousins from both sides of the family making friends. I call this cross-pollinating cousinship. They’re already plotting a pool party together this summer. To me, that spells success!

Blog Cross-Pollenating Cousins

That’s First Communion Day in the Basi house! And today is Alex’s birthday. If you want to fill up the comboxes with well wishes, it will make my kids’ day. 🙂