Commando Olympics and other Quick Takes


The kids have been entranced by the Olympics lately. Michael calls them “Olymp-kicks.”

Image by Rareclass, via Flickr


I’m so glad I blogged about chicken legs a couple weeks ago. Because now when we call her that, we can’t be accused of copying Allyson Felix.


Last week my friend Kelley posted this status update on Facebook:

Went for a walk with the kids. Arrived back at the house carrying a bike, a helmet, a guitar, and a pair of shoes. ‪#‎momlympics2016‬

Other moms chimed in with these:

“Thinking the f-word without actually saying it”

“I’m hoping to just place in the “They all ate at least a meat/protein product today (veggies optional)” event.”

“I’d definitely get gold in “Eating secret chocolate.”

I definitely qualified in the semifinals for “carrying everyone else’s crap, you’re welcome”

First seed, for sure. Second seed: the burrows of the Grand Canyon. They ain’t got nothin’ on you.


What’s my contribution?


Well, the thing about having kids who are getting older is they take care of their own dressing routines. Only they aren’t always on top of it all. They sometimes skip steps. Like brushing teeth, and washing hands. And other things. The other day I found myself saying this: “Michael. You wear ONE pair of underpants and ONE pair of shorts. Not two pairs of underpants and shorts. Not pajama pants and shorts. Not shorts with no underpants. ONE pair of underpants. ONE pair of shorts.”

So I guess my contribution to the aforementioned #momolympics2016 is actually #kidolympics2016: Michael takes gold in Going Commando To The First Day Of School.


He also should at least get an honorable mention in the category Going To School In The Afternoons But Still Needs Nap



My only actual contribution to the #momolympics2016 is to wash out in the Stay Off The Internet So You Can Get Some Work Done event.


All joking aside, I’m having serious thoughts about setting aside blogging. Hits are way down and I am wondering if I have said everything I have to say that people want to hear, or whether it’s just that people don’t read blogs anymore. Either way, I am seriously questioning whether it’s a good use of time.

Speaking of Time…it’s Time to get the kids up for school…and mow the lawn…and grocery shop…and figure out where I can carve out an hour or two of writing time today.

Linking up with the ladies at Seven Quick Takes today….Kelly has what looks to be a very moving post about disability that bears looking at!