“But I Like You!” and other kid moments


Charming the Golden Girls at the annual Tiger Walk

Julianna’s newest “Julianna-ism” is:

“But I like you!”

As in, “Julianna, it’s your turn to clear the table.”

“But I like you!”

“Julianna, time to get up.”

“But I like you!”

“Yes, I like you, too, but it’s still time to get out of bed.”


alex-readerAlex took Benadryl for the first time this week—a desperate attempt to control some combination of allergies and cold. I warned him it would make his nose stop running but he would be really groggy, probably too groggy to do anything useful at all. He wandered around in a daze all afternoon. The next day I asked him about it. “Was your brain all fuzzy?” I asked.

“It was like I didn’t HAVE a brain,” he said. “I was like those proto humans who just went, ‘Want food. Want drink. Want book.'”

Yup, that sounds about right…


michael-guitar-heroMichael’s son-of-a-singer earworm gene has kicked in. He sings all the time, even when he’s chewing. It’s like a compulsion; he can’t seem to stop himself. And it’s always the same playlist:

1) Star Wars opening (first two phrases only)

2) Imperial March (again, two phrases)

3) Superman

4) Joy To The World

I truly think I might go mad before he goes to kindergarten.


And Nicholas?


I could write a novel, but I’ll stick with this: What does it say about my third-born that this is his favorite song?

(Nothing good, I fear!)