Kylo Ren Presents the Screaming Flying Monkey (FF3)

To start off the expected Armageddon of ice in mid-Missouri, I give you:

Kylo Ren Presents The Screaming Flying Monkey

Starring this guy….


…who, in addition to bearing the moniker “Mayhem,” also consistently has the best head gear, to wit:


He actually wore this hat to school last week, which reduced his preschool teacher to goo. Incidentally, this hat was bought for Julianna to wear for Easter when she was about three years old, but how many times do you think she’s worn it? If you guessed zero, you would be correct. Her brothers, however, have made great use of it.

But I digress. Here we are: Kylo Ren presents the Screaming Flying Monkey.

Definitely the most memorable Christmas gift of the year. Thanks, Grandma & Grandpa S. 😉