Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I once played my flute on Circular Quay in Sydney, Australia. (See the opera house behind me?)


2. I was once locked in a coffin. (It was for a play called “You Didn’t Say It Was Haunted.” That play was where I learned that an introvert can actually scream in front of a lot of people. It changed my life.)


3. When I was a kid I used to jump off hay bales for fun.

4. I sing the national anthem several times a year. Most recently, I decided to ask the crowd to sing along, which led to this:


5. The first time my parents and my parents-in-law met was at the Statue of Liberty. By accident.

6. I have learned perfect pitch. (Mostly I call it “imperfect pitch,” because once in a while I screw up.) I can hear colors in different keys.

7. I worked for two summers on the farm with my dad, and while I was doing hog chores I learned that if you sing Amazing Grace in a concrete hog facility, a) the acoustics are stunning and b) the hogs all shut up to listen. Hogs are much smarter than cattle.

I know…not a hog in sight. Trust me, this is a better “farm” visual.

8. Speaking of cattle, I used to have to chase cattle when they broke through their fences. Most memorably the night before I started high school. Pink checkered nightgown and curlers in my hair. (Fortunately, there is no visual to go along with that one!)

9. I actually know from first-hand experience what the phrase “running around like a chicken with its head cut off” means. Although fortunately I was never the one called upon to separate said chicken from its head. Only its feathers from its body.


10. I should have a tenth, but I’m coming up blank and I’m on magazine deadline, so this will have to do.