A Conversation In The Car With Julianna

Julianna bun
Sporting a stylin’ bun courtesy of Auntie A.

On the way to adaptive gymnastics, Julianna sets out to challenge Nicholas’ claim on the “how much can I talk in one car ride” record. Although the subject matter is quite different.

J: Mom, you are so sweet.

Me: Thank you, honey. You’re sweet too.

J: Mom, you’re such a good driver.

Me: Thank you, sweetheart.

J: Da-because (random random random) it’s time for Friday fun!

Me: What?

J: Da-because we do ipad, or extra recess, or..

Me: I understood Friday Fun. I didn’t understand everything that came before.

J: Do they have a pool?

Me (starting to feel tired, and we’ve only just left the subdivision): Um…lots of people have pools, who are you talking about?

J: Da-because Miss Dolores said no pool because it-it-it-it is too cold!

Me: Yes, when we went to her house in December it was too cold to get in the pool.

J: Mom I like you.

Me: I like you too, honey.

J: Da-because he has a motorcycle!

Me (glancing at the man speeding away from us): Yes, he has a motorcycle.

J: Why does he have a motorcycle?

Me: I don’ t know, he just does.

J: Mommy, (random random random while I’m trying to find the turn into the gymnastics facility)???????

Me: …..

J: Mom!

Me: Honey, I’m trying to be a good driver right now, can you be quiet?