Photo Friday: Go Ape

Alex and I took a travel writing day trip yesterday, to visit Go Ape in St. Louis…and although I only took pictures with Christian’s discarded iPhone (Alex simply would not believe me that it has no data service and never will) instead of the SLR, I think they’re good enough to share.

Ewok Village
Driving through Creve Coeur Park in Maryland Heights and–look! An Ewok village!
Deer and Dogwood
We were quite early, so we took a walk around the park and found a very un-skittish deer posing for a picture near a dogwood.
Creve Coeur Park 2
The juxtaposition of the red Japanese maple and the white some-sort-of-stinky-pear doesn’t really come out (needed the SLR!), but you can get an idea.


Rope Ladder
Headed into the treetops
Here We Go
And here we go.
This would be the “extreme” option. The one heading off to the left would be the “moderate/easy” option.
Gymnast Rings 1
Another “extreme” option: a whole row of these gymnast footholds. I made it across without any mishaps requiring the safety cables to catch me. When I saw my shadow so clear down below me, I stopped in the middle to snap a photo. Trying to hold still on those dangling rings, I realized this activity was a lot more athletic than I’d anticipated. I could feel every muscle in my legs quivering.
Gymnast Rings
Alex on the same set of rings. Using his safety harness liberally. 🙂
Skateboard Zip
Skateboard zipline
Rope Pull
Rope pull. Not so hard, but definitely a lot of arm work, especially after three days in a row of Jazzercise, one of which was an all strength training class.
No Hands
Twisty ladder, and behind it, the Tarzan swing (off to the left). For that, see the video below.

We had to climb to a second platform for the last zipline, and as I stood waiting for Alex to unhook and clear the landing area at the far end, I thought, “This platform is really moving a lot.” Then I looked around and realized just how close I was to the top of the tree. 🙂


Full review of our Go Ape experience coming soon on Pit Stops for Kids.