Forgotten Posts (or: It’s All Good)

Photo titled “Have no fear,” but what it says to me is “Chill. It’s all good.” Photo by Jonybraker, via Flickr

It’s been happening more regularly lately…I get to midmorning and go, “I was supposed to post a blog today!”

Lately I’ve acknowledged that my husband and I (and most of my family) are the Type As of the Type A world. Conventional wisdom around blogging is that your readers expect consistency; if I say I’m going to post on Monday, Wednesday, and sometimes Friday, I’d darned well better post on Monday, Wednesday, and sometimes Friday. In the mind of a Type A of the Type A world, spacing out is not acceptable. Weeks off are a copout.

Yet here we are. I’m contemplating a schedule that resembles, “I will post whenever I darned well feel like it.” Because the fact is, my hits already way below the threshold where it really makes any difference. I’m posting for myself and the scattered few who beg me not to stop every time I question whether it’s a good use of time anymore.

(Note to self: write a post on “learning to say, ‘It’s okay to say no.’ “)