A Stress Dream And Friday Funnies


I had a stress dream last night in which it was several weeks into the college semester and I left my first class and realized a) I didn’t know which class I had next or where it was—and the copious number of file folders in my bag were not labeled well enough to tell me—and b) I was at least 2 or 3 assignments behind in math.

You know those online quizzes you’re supposed to take to see which Harry Potter character you are? It’s crystal clear to me that I don’t need to waste the time. I already know which character I am.



You know what? I think today calls for a short “Friday Funnies.”

1: Things you might hear on a trail ride from the guide, who is leading Julianna by the rope:

“Oh, there aren’t any crocodiles in the mountains.”

2. Things you might hear on a hike in the Rocky Mountains when it’s sort of

 raining and everyone is wearing rain ponchos:

SuperheroNicholas: “I’m Batman!”

Michael: “I’m Nightwing!”

Nicholas: “I’m Batman!”

Michael: “I’m Nightwing!”

Nicholas: “I’m Batman!”

Michael: “I’m Robin!”

Julianna: “I’m Frozen!”







3. This. Just this. 

Waiting Out The Rain

This was taken in the parking lot for the Cub Lake Trailhead at RMNP. We had to wait out a thunderstorm before we started hiking. It was a doozy, I’ll admit, but the look on Nicholas’ face cracks me up.


4. Then and now, at the Fall River Visitors Center, just for fun:

Fall River 2013

2013 (Michael was sleeping in the car)

Kids Fall River Visitors Center

2017. Note Alex’s eye roll. It was deliberate. He said, “Mom, did you get my eye roll?” Sigh.


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