I think the time has come.

I’ve really enjoyed blogging, but the interactions that used to take place on blogs have moved to Facebook, and it’s just too hard to justify spending the time, emotional and mental bandwidth anymore. My kids are getting too old; it’s no longer okay for me to share their moments indiscriminately, and I can no longer reflect on parenthood without sharing stories that are no longer mine to tell. I’m wrestling anxiety, partly personal, and partly because of what’s going on in the world, and the most important things I have to say, nobody wants to read.

I don’t blame anyone for that. I don’t read blogs anymore, either. It is what it is. We’re all emotionally exhausted by, well, life in 2017 America. Life itself seems angry. It’s hard to pull free of that. It poisons everything. And it affects us all.

The only antidote is to do due diligence before sharing things and reacting to them—to stop and reflect and read at least three or four different articles from varying points of view. But I can’t justify spending that much time when only a handful of people are going to read it anyway. It would be better to try to place those reflections in a larger outlet.

So it’s time, but it’s harder than I thought. I’ve sat here for most of an hour while my kids have piano lessons, staring at the blank window, checking Facebook, looking up Christmas gift ideas, because the idea of writing this post made me so sad. But I think it’s time.

Which is not to say I’ll never post here again. I’m sure I will occasionally feel compelled. But the time for regular posting has passed, at least for the foreseeable future. So click on that box on the left, below my picture, that says “Follow blog by email,” and if I do start up again at some point, you’ll be the first to know.

I’ve loved blogging. I’ve loved the people I’ve met, the connections I’ve been allowed to make. But it’s time to move on. Thank you to everyone who’s stuck with me this long.

See you on Facebook and Instagram.

11 thoughts on “Time

  1. Sylvia Chai

    Sorry to hear all of this, Kathleen. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and will miss it. I too have been extremely perturbed by the direction our country is going, spend a lot of time signing petitions. I also write, do music in church, and raised a family of 5 children, with Grandma living with us till she went to heaven after about 20 years of Alzheimer’s. I have not been able to write about Family…maybe someday. I look forward to your book.

  2. I’ve enjoyed your perspectives, Kathleen…and I understand your decision. As a fellow blogger, I sometimes wonder if it’s worth the effort. On the whole, though, I’ve concluded that it’s a healthy, holy habit for me. Keeps me sane, or at least close to sane. Sounds like blogging might be having the opposite impact on you — so that’s a clear sign, as you note, that it’s time to let it go!

    Prayers for you and your beautiful family…and I look forward to your even-occasional posts, since I’m on neither Facebook nor Instagram!

    • I know! It kills me…I kept on for a long time as an online journal, but I have also been keeping a private journal for a long time as much of what I feel and think needs to be worked out in a place where I can be totally frank with myself and God. I’m going to have to make sure to write there more regularly.

      On Wed, Oct 25, 2017 at 9:17 AM, Kathleen M. Basi wrote:


  3. I will miss seeing your regular posts, but I understand where you’re coming from. I, too, have stopped posting regularly for many of the same reasons. Your writing is beautiful and I relate to so much of what you say, probably because we share so much in common (same age, our kids are the same age, I also have a special needs kiddo, music ministry, NFP, heck we even live geographically near each other)! I’ll sign up for your new posts by email and I’m already following you on Facebook so I guess I’ll see you there. One of these days when there’s a conference in St. Louis for cantors we’ll have to meet up IRL and have a cup of coffee. Blessings to you and your family!

  4. mbmom7

    Sorry to see you go. I began following you once I had a daughter with DS, and found a lot to like in your writings. I hope you find the peace you seek!

  5. Deanna Bartalini, M.Ed.; M.P.S.

    Will miss your posts but it’s understandable. I’ve gone back and forth myself about blogging but for me it’s a form of teaching about the faith so I push on. Peace and blessings to you and your family.

  6. Christina

    I totally support this, Kate, and respect the thoughtful update.

    You’re such a prolific writer that I’m not worried about missing your voice. And in the meantime, I’ll check out your Instagram for regular photos of Julianna. And the boys! 🙂

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