A little fun for Epiphany week

Normally, my husband’s and my choir does a “Farewell to Christmas” concert on Epiphany Sunday. Of course, in COVID era, we haven’t had choir, so our family decided to do the concert ourselves via the church’s live stream so the tradition would remain unbroken.

My parents watched the concert and when I talked to them that evening, there was no conversation about music…only giggling over the kids’ various funny moments. But the best one of all is kind of hidden in the ten minutes before the concert began. A moment got captured in the audio that we have wanted to capture but haven’t figured out how. So I am sharing the video with you today, solely so you can skip ahead to the 9:26 mark. Turn the volume up and listen closely to my two oldest children…

Go ahead. I’m waiting…

Did you hear it?

“Stop it, Alex. Stop it!”

“You’re a pasta noob.”

“Stinky butt!”

Alex has been calling Julianna “pasta noob” for a year or more, and it is my barometer of his mood. He only calls her that when he’s happy. But it drives Julianna ABSOLUTELY BONKERS. She hates all nicknames, in fact. All the cute nicknames of her little girlhood are taboo now. But you know brothers. If they can get under their sisters’ skin, they’re going to needle for all it’s worth. Finally my husband, after months of joking and cajoling, told her when he calls her “pasta noob,” she should retort, “stinky butt!”

The first time she actually did it, there was great rejoicing and much hilarity in the house. And now it’s a Thing, but you can’t orchestrate an exchange like that for video commemoration! That’s why I’m so happy that it got captured organically on Sunday. Even if it was at church. On Facebook Live.

🙂 🙂 🙂