The “Daily Buzz”

One of my daughter Julianna’s IEP goals for this year is to learn to express herself in writing. We’ve always had trouble getting from her what is going on in school; she needs help learning to bring what’s in her head, well, out of it. Her absolutely fabulous teacher identified that as a real need for future vocational opportunities, so she instituted the “Daily Buzz,” which Julianna is to fill out and share via Google Slides with us every day. She has been getting better at these and we get some pretty hysterical moments. Yesterday was no exception, so I thought I’d take a minute to share.

(I was out of town for three days for a family funeral. Woohoo! Mom’s important enough to make the Daily Buzz!)
She did include a name. I erased it for the sake of privacy.

It’s fun to see her sense of humor and her quirky way of talking coming out through these Daily Buzzes. It’s been a very illuminating year. I could say much more, but it’s a busy time and I think I’ll leave other reflections for another day!