Long Fiction:


Charley Dupree has been hiding from the world ever since she woke up from a night of partying with a big blank spot in her memory. She would never admit that, of course. She’d say she’s just a twenty-something former actress trying to keep her family’s farm afloat so her childhood friend and tenant, a young adult with Down syndrome, can stay in the only home he’s ever known.

When Charley lands a gig as a stand-in for the press-shy fiancée of the Prince of Monaco, she realizes she has a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get the bank off her back for good. But keeping the job under wraps is hard to do while living and working with a royal-crazy mother and a best friend who might be more, if she could only screw up the courage.

And then there’s that Prince Charming thing. This gig could save the farm, but if she’s not careful, she might lose everything that makes it worth keeping.



(The Substitute Princess is currently on submission to literary agents.)


Work in process:


After losing her entire family to a rogue wave, a loss-numbed church choir director embarks on a cross-country pilgrimage to visit the place of their demise.


Blog-WWGrowing up in Napa Valley, Nicole Summerhill knew about “wine widows.” She just never expected to be one.


3rd Place Badge




No longer available:

Published Short Fiction:

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