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An Open Letter to New Mothers


“Working For Dad,” broadcast on NPR’s All Things Considered in June 2010.

1984  IH 1086 and drillI was driving around town one day when I heard the announcement on NPR: All Things Considered was looking for stories about memorable summer jobs. “Oh, I can write that,” I said aloud. (Because we all talk to ourselves. It’s just that some of us actually admit it.) It took me two days to pound out this essay and send it. I was very happy with it, but I almost shot through the ceiling when I got the email from NPR asking if we could talk by phone.

The other fun story: my cousin, who was then living in Arkansas, was driving down the highway when this story played on ATC for the first time. She said, “Wait a minute! That’s my cousin’s name! Wait a minute–that’s my cousin’s VOICE!” And she had to pull off the road to listen.

Since there’s no graphic to go with this, I’m offering you a shot of one of the tractors I drove that summer.  I, ahem, drove it too close to a walnut tree while haying and, er, bent the exhaust pipe. Ahem.

(Incidentally, the attachment is not haying equipment.)