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An Open Letter to New Mothers

I am proud to share my new booklet available from Our Sunday Visitor:

Cover Art T2348[2]OSV contacted me about writing The Beatitudes at the same time I was starting up Intentional Catholic. I’m particularly happy with how it turned out, because it gave me a chance to clearly articulate what I mean when I talk about living the faith intentionally in the real world. This is a very short book meant to pray and reflect with over the course of around a month. Each Beatitude is addressed by focusing inward, on my own heart and attitudes, then focusing outward on how it applies in the way I interact with others. Finally, I synthesize my reflections and journaling to identify what God might be calling me to do in my real life, in light of this Beatitude. I also talked about the book on a webcast which you can watch here (free–just have to sign up!).