Where to begin?

I’m five weeks postpartum, and I’m wearing my own jeans.

There, that’s a good crow to begin my blog. I’ve been procrastinating for weeks, simply because I couldn’t think how to begin.

So I might as well begin by introducing myself…we are, after all, the product of our many influences. I hail from a little town called Moberly, Missouri, where I grew up on one of the few family farms that survived the 1980s. There were 4 girls and one bathroom. (My poor dad.) My dad is still a farmer, and my mom has now entered the political realm.

I’m a Virgo, not that I put much stock in that sort of thing.

I am the proud mother of a 22-month old boy named Alex who is absolutely perfect (except of course when he’s not), and the mother of a 5-week old little girl named Julianna, who is perfect in a whole different way, being a child with Down Syndrome. And no, we had no idea before she was born. It makes for a different birth experience than you dreamed of.

Christian and I have been married for 7 years. We met in a music group at the Catholic Student Center at the University of Missouri, and now we lead a contemporary music group across town. I write music (check out World Library Publications and GIA Publications…eventually–they’re still in process) and I write fiction and nonfiction. (Check out www.thewildrosepress.com –also in process.)

I am passionate about music, good food, reading, writing, true Christianity (as opposed to pious platitudes), children, family and friends…to name a few. And I have opinions on everything else.

But I don’t have a lot of time to write them.

That’s probably plenty for now, since I don’t imagine anyone else finds me quite as interesting as I find myself. 🙂 So join me next time while I pull out one of my passions–food!