Going Home

Today’s the day that the Basi 5 go home. Christian has had an interesting couple of days corralling two kids by himself. He’s used to it for a couple hours at a time, but not the whole day…and night…two and a half days running. 🙂

Meanwhile, I’m just trying to take care of myself post-op. And Nicholas. When you’re nursing, those two are one and the same thing. Snuggles and snoozes with a baby against my chest…mmmm, heavenly. A phone call from the rest of my family, all snuggling in bed together…completes the picture. Engorgement/plugs…not so heavenly. :/

Or was that Too Much Information? 😉

Addendum from home: I have learned a couple of things about going home from the hospital–at least when it’s a 2-hour drive…

1. The 4-year-old will use the bathroom in the hospital room and STILL need to go again 5 minutes into the trip (literally).

2. No matter what you do, you will never manage to time nursing right for a 2-hour drive in the middle of milk coming in. OUCH.