Seven Quick Takes

following the Space Station
Image by Esthr via Flickr

1. Alex brought his first school library book home this week–a book about the International Space Station. That sent us to the web, where we found a series of pictures of the space station, and also a video taken of the space station from Earth. It goes around the Earth every hour and a half or so, in an ever-shifting band. Which means if only we knew where in the sky to look, we could see it regularly. Does anybody else think this is CO-OL???

2. Speaking of the space station, I know someone whose job is to fly the space station. I think that’s pretty darned cool, too.

3. The most important link of the week: “Almost Christian.” This is an overview of a book by a woman who talks about young people and their zeal, or lack thereof, for matters of faith. She says there’s too much “cake” in the way we teach faith (IOW: Jesus loves me focus, without anything deeper, a challenge, a call to radical conversion). Ooh, how right. But the bigger question is: how do I, as a parent, instill a deeper faith, a real one, in my children–WITHOUT turning them or me into an angry zealot?

4. Last night was my first Home & School association meeting. I walked in and saw the predictable crowd of people sitting close to the door, and sitting far off on the other side by himself, my pastor and former boss, a man I absolutely adore. (Although in a very different way than my husband.) I went to sit down by him. “Kate!” he said. “Your first Home & School meeting, eh?”

“Yup,” I said. “I feel so grown up!”

5. Nicholas’s funny habit lately has been that he wants to wash his hair. All the time. Long after he’s washed and we’re on to washing his sibs, he’s leaning over the side of the tub, dipping his hands and rubbing them over his hair. It’s adorable. Except, of course, that he does it at all times, with any substance he can get his little mitts on.  Applesauce, for one.

6. I found out that I have an essay in the final round of stories for Chicken Soup for New Mothers, which is coming out in March. How fun is that?

7. Tomorrow (the 4th) is our 11th wedding anniversary. And ah, the windows are open, and it’s downright chilly outside in shorts and a t shirt. I absolutely adore fall. Don’t you?

Happy Labor Day weekend!