Thursdays are for being tired

Thursday mornings can be hard in this house. Wednesday nights, we get out of choir practice at 8:30 (half an hour past the kids’ bedtime) and go pick them up and take them home. Every week, kids shove books in our hands and protest violently because we say, “No, not on choir nights, honey, you know that.” (Alex has this half-funny, half-maddening habit of responding to a no: “Fine! Then I’m NEVER having a book AGAIN!” Ha!)

Last night it was 9:20 before the lights went off. The irony is that Christian and I usually go to bed earlier on a Wednesday night than usual, because we’re so exhausted after choir practice that nothing seems as productive as collapsing in bed after putting the kids down. Leading the choir is energizing and draining all in one. Last night moreso than usual, because we had our first rehearsal for Christmas Eve.

Anyway, I launched that explanation to explain why I’m late posting this morning…Christian’s alarm went off this morning, he smacked the snooze. Three minutes later, my alarm went off, and we both remembered we needed to take my temperature. But I could not get out of bed to go running this morning. Or do Pilates.

I had intended to do a little writeup about Nicholas this morning, but at this point I’ve been so wordy with my explanation that I kind of think I’ll have to save it for later. What an un-inspiring blog post I’m writing today. Oh well, after the heavy topics all week, I was due for something entirely lacking in profundity. Aha, I know how to salvage this post. I’ll tack on my two favorite pictures of Nicholas from our fall portraits:

Isn’t that just the cutest thing ever? 🙂