Weekend Carnivals

It’s the first Saturday of the month, which means it’s Saturday Evening Blog Post time over at Elizabeth Esther’s! Come see what everyone thought was their best post of the month of May.

This was a tough month to choose only one! I guess will have to go with this one: A Post For All Who Call Themselves Prolife. I choose that one because everything else is in the past, and this was one I wrote to get people thinking about who they want representing them after the next election. Because, as you can tell from the news, election season’s already in full swing.

Weekends are also for Ruth’s “Sunday Snippets: A Catholic Carnival.” My contributions for this week:

Monday was about car shopping for large (or simply slightly largER) families. I have some great pictures of my grandparents’ cars. 🙂

On Tuesday, I talked (again) about having a “big” family and getting it all done. Or not. (See Thursday.)

On Wednesday, I talked about the holiest manmade place I know.

On Thursday, I realized I am desperately in need of a better attitude.

In my 7 Quick Takes, I reviewed aThe Cloister Walk, a book about monasticism.