7 Quick Takes


Anyone who knows me can attest that I am NOT a technophile. So perhaps you can guess why I find this image deeply disturbing (in a shake my head, ah-what-a-world kind of way):

 Yes, that is Nicholas, age two, swiping through pictures on Christian’s phone.


Not impressed? How about this?

(If it’s tough for a 2-year-old’s chubby hands, it’s excruciating to watch Julianna try to make her hands do what she wants them to. But good fine-motor practice, I suppose.)


But despite my status as a curmudgeonly Luddite, today I can, at long last, do something I’ve wanted to do for several years: namely, give you a sound byte of our church choir. For this privilege, we must credit Christian’s iPhone and a child who IS a technophile (or anyway, soon will be): Namely Alex, whose voice you will hear urging Nicholas to dance, while the choir sings Bernadette Farrell’s “O God You Search Me” in the background. And if you listen to/ “watch” the whole thing, you’ll even get a split second view of the choir. 😉 But be warned…this is a 6 year old at the helm…brace for motion sickness.


I was working on a column this week, and in doing some web searching, I stumbled across the hymn “There’s A Wideness In God’s Mercy.” I’ve been singing this hymn my whole life, but I had no idea the text was longer than what goes in the hymnal. There are some really good lines in there. Check it out.


You know what I love about my little girl, whose favorite foods are pasta and ice cream, my little food-scavenger girl? When she decides she’s done with her meal, she slides down from her chair and stealthily wanders around the table to see what others have left on their plates. Last night, she left her chocolate cake three-quarters eaten and went after…wait for it…Nicholas’s BROCCOLI.


Is anyone else kerflummoxed by the fact that we’re all but halfway through 2011? Every year I have trouble adjusting to the date, and this year it’s half over already!


I don’t usually go running on trash day, but this morning I did, and it raised a question for me: Do you put out more recycling or trash? I really don’t understand how people who have fewer people in the household can be making three and four times as much trash as we do. Even if you count the recycling, they’re putting out more than we are. We put out one bag of trash a week, and it’s not even full. Survey: how much trash/recycling does your household put out in a week?