7 Quick Takes, vol. 138

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Alex decided this week he doesn’t want to take a bath anymore because it takes too long. He graduated to the shower, and loves it. I think it’s funny, because when I was a kid I loathed showers. We didn’t have a shower in our house, only a tub, until much later. I remember my first shower vividly: with my grandmother, in a KOA campground on vacation. It was traumatizing. On vacations with Grandma and Grandpa, I took showers in KOA bathrooms from mid-America to the coast and back, but always under protest. Not until I went to college and had no other option did I make the switch to showering. So it cracks me up that Alex is doing it at six.


I don’t know if I’ve ever said it, but Alex is an artist. When I was a kid, I drew pictures of beautiful girls, horses, and (eventually) ice skaters. Alex draws superheroes. And builds sculptures. Like this:

Mack, from Pixar's "Cars"

And this:

A cobra made out of pizza dough


I have the signed contract in hand now, so at last it’s official enough that I feel comfortable announcing: beginning in January 2012, I will be writing a monthly column for Liguorian magazine. Very exciting!


Contract aside, overall it has not been an enormously productive summer for writing. Parenting is more hands-on in the summertime (of course!). I’ve been working on a new novel, about a young woman, newly-wed to a winery owner, whose husband takes off for Europe for eight weeks right after she discovers she’s pregnant. In his absence, a former flame reappears in her life, and she finds herself having to confront the possibility that she’s married the wrong man. How does a person who believes in the permanence of marriage deal with such a thing?


My mother-in-law scolded me when I began plotting this novel, which is a complete rethinking of one I wrote ten years ago. She said people are always publishing stories, movies, etc. about marriages falling apart; as a person who believed in sticking out the tough times, I should be writing about people who put their hearts into fixing a marriage. Her admonition has helped shape my thinking as I outline…I may go into that a little next week…but mostly what it gave me was an idea for the next novel.


Wednesday evening, Christian and I were sitting outside on the swing, enjoying the cool weather (finally!), when a satellite passed overhead—a biggie. I was sure it must be the space station, but NASA’s Human Space Flight web page doesn’t list Wednesday as a sighting day. I’m disappointed. Now I don’t know what I saw. However, it does say that the ISS will be visible tonight at 9:01 p.m. Maybe I need a “date” with Alex.


Yesterday I wrote about how people don’t hold special needs kids to the same standards as other kids, and how that makes life more difficult for their parents. I’ve had some thoughtful responses. I’m really interested to hear from others who might be not be daily readers.

Have a great weekend!

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