7QT: Signs of the Times


Sign that we are entering a whole new phase of babyhood:

July 11, 2012


A sign that we have Too Much Time On Our Hands in this country:



Sign that it’s time to clean the house: the other morning, Michael had something in his mouth and was gagging on it, but he wouldn’t let me in to get it out. When I finally prevailed, I found a piece of a plastic wrapper. That night we went to the pool, and about twenty minutes in, Michael smiled big at something and I saw a bright purple hair band resting on his tongue–a hair band he had to have been carrying since we left home. Yes, we have spent this week cleaning the floors. :/


Sign that we truly are in a desperate drought: the fact that everybody’s aware of it. Growing up on the farm, I used to get so angry at the blind cluelessness of weather forecasters, who called all sunny days beautiful unless it was dangerously hot, even if the entire earth was parched and crying out for rain. Sometimes, favorable weather involves clouds and lots of wet stuff, and I’m sorry, that’s more important than your weekend plans. You know what? No, I’m not sorry. The world needs to get a clue about the rhythms of nature.

Please pray for rain.


Sign #2 that we are truly in a desperate drought: the fact that our water bill was higher than our electric bill in July. And our lawn is still barely alive.


Sign that I’m still trying to do too much: I spent this entire week, post-vacation, trying to catch up on NFP work and DS promotion…and I’m still not done. I thought surely I’d have time to do a fiction prompt this week. Nope.


My newest post for Catholic Mothers Online is on a topic I’ve spent lots of time thinking about: teaching a healthy sexuality to our kids. I was given the chance to review a new book written to help parents approach THE TALK. You know. That one.

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