Too Big For Me

Globe centred on Asia and Oceania - Satellite ...
Globe centred on Asia and Oceania – Satellite image – PlanetObserver (Photo credit: PlanetObserver)

Day in, day out, people spend so much time being so angry, expressing such outrage at the way of the world. It seems so obvious that if only everyone would ______, major problems would go away. And yet on many topics, you can find experts making reasonable cases for both sides. The globe is warming, unless it isn’t. The world’s population will soon outstrip its ability to support it…unless population growth is slowing and preparing for a downward plunge. And so on.

If the experts can’t even agree, then how can I expend enormous amounts of emotional energy trying to change the world? I’m not even sure it needs to be changed.

Most of the world’s issues are too big for me. My job is to care for the bodies and souls given into my care, and that takes everything I have to give.

You may wag your finger at me and tell me I’m shirking my duty as a citizen/human being. But caring for bodies and souls means my job is to teach those within my reach how to live deliberately, to interact thoughtfully and empathetically with the world and all the people in it. Whether global warming is or isn’t happening is irrelevant. Either way, our job is the same: to care for the earth within our sphere of influence, to live as much as possible without waste, without unnecessarily dumping poisons into a creation that reveals God if we take time to go looking for Him in it. It’s my job to teach them that choices and actions have consequences, that there is no magic pill to fix all problems and remove all sacrifice or inconvenience. It’s my job to teach them that compassion and kindness trumps judgment, that we aren’t God and thus, we should give people the benefit of the doubt in virtually every circumstance.

If I manage to catch a few other souls along the way, glory be to God. And if my children learn from me that many of the world’s issues are too complex, too big to be clumped into all-or-nothing terms, then perhaps I’m helping create a future that isn’t ruled by hysteria.