Sunday Snippets


Time for another roundup of Catholic bloggers at RAnn’s This, That & The Other Thing. Care to join us?

RAnn’s question this week is: What is your favorite formal, i.e. memorized, prayer? I’m going to cheat and say Psalm 139, because the memorized prayers are soothing rather than spiritually deepening for me.

This was Nicholas-the-jabbermouth week at my blog. Here, I talked about something he made me realize about myself. And here I just shared a smidgeon of what my life is like for one week with him. I also shared a video of Julianna, who is now in the first grade, reading.

We also had our fourteenth wedding anniversary this week.

Not a lot of profundity this week. Maybe next week!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Snippets

  1. I like your choice of prayers. I myself find memorized prayers a bit dry for me. Liturgical prayer is fine but praying memorized prayers can be boring. I chose the Magnificat because the beginning of it does move me.

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