This Is Real Life


Everyone was so sweet yesterday about my post, I felt I might be leaving a little too one-sided an impression of my life. I would never want to be one of Those Bloggers who makes everyone else feel insecure because their home is not characterized by crabapple blossoms in a soft white blur.

So today, in the interest of balance, I present:

The Other Side of My Life.

mess 004

Judging by the overturned furniture and general level of destruction, the Avengers have been in my basement. Thor’s hammer is just the last piece of evidence. Wait a minute! THERE’S that school library book that’s almost a week overdue! I had to take a picture to find it.

mess 002

Michael was SO determined to cross days off the Disney calendar, which hung here…he just sort of missed. About ten times.

Marker On The Outlets

Face Palm. I think this may be the reason all my scrapbooking markers have dried up.

What's wrong with these shoelaces? This is what I found every day for two weeks.

What’s wrong with these shoelaces? This is what I found every day for two weeks.

mess 005

Loader tractors are meant for dumping Legos Ev.Er.Y.Where.

mess 006

It is the Great Lego Sea, with Fort Little People on its shores. Yowza! Is that a DEAD BABY DOLL???????

Blog-reading mommies, do you all feel a little better now? 😉

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