I don’t get it.


Exhibit A:erasers

Um….what’s the point? These erasers are too small to be of any use.

Exhibit B:

(the note enclosed with a couple of the mugs we received for Christmas)




2 thoughts on “I don’t get it.

  1. mbmom7

    Those little erasers are the bane of any holiday. I first thought they were a cute thing (rah, not candy!) when I first encountered them in my first daughter’s goodie bag years ago. But then I realized they are useless as erasers, and exist just to be chewed on by toddlers or moved around incessantly because one can’t throw an eraser away! So I now dump them ASAP when they come home from school parties. And, if I’m in charge of a goodie bag for a party, I never use them (I just put in candy because at least candy gets eaten and is gone.) I guess I’ve been parenting too long to be so passionate about holiday erasers!

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