Is it Easter yet?


Alex hates going to the grocery store (which is a good thing, since I always spent more money when he comes along). But occasionally, we have no choice. It’s a cooking night, and I’m missing an ingredient, usually because I spaced out and didn’t put it on last week’s grocery list.

Monday was one of those days. At 4:30p.m., I loaded the kids into the car and drove to the (expensive) (but nearby) grocery store for one item: Italian dressing for the pasta salad. Lately, Julianna gets giggly when I put her in the car. Nicholas sighs and starts pulling his socks off. But today, back in the back seat, Alex shoved his cheek into his fist and groused all the way there. He complained about his propensity to car sickness. He complained about the grocery store. Which got him thinking about the yummy treats that this store has sitting right in front of the door. “Mommy,” he said, “is Lent almost over?”

“Oh, honey,” I said, “no, I’m sorry. There’s a lot of Lent left.”

Dramatic sigh. “Mommy, you know God talks to me inside my head.”

“Oh?” I smiled at this evidence that he’s receiving his education in a Christian environment.

“And God talked to me, and told me that it’s Easter right now.”

🙂          🙂          🙂

7 thoughts on “Is it Easter yet?

  1. Kelley

    Emma and I had a whole conversation about marriage yesterday (premature, I know). But she wondered how you know it’s time to get married after you date somebody. So I said that you talk to each other and pray to God about it and when he tells you it’s right, then you get married. She thought about it, then said that it’s hard to hear God from all the way up in the sky. It was a very deep, theological conversation to be having with a not-yet six year old.

  2. Kelley

    I know! How do you explain to a tiny person how to hear God? I can’t quite fathom an answer that works well in her brain.

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