Sunday Snippets

It’s another Sunday Snippets day, hosted by RAnn of This, That and The Other Thing…

Since it’s Advent, and I’ve written a book on Advent, my mind is on…gasp…Advent calendars. I shared some pictures of different kinds of homemade calendars, including a couple that are real people’s real-life calendars. Lots of fun ideas there–makes me sorry we have a boring old house with doors that open!

I also chatted with Sarah Reinhard, author of Welcome, Baby Jesus, about…wait for it…Advent.

My only controversial post this week is on dressing up (or not) for church. A touchy, and perennial, subject that got more hits than anything else I wrote this week. I’m sure some of you will have thoughts to add to that conversation. 🙂

I have some cute kid moments to share, as well as a fiction piece exploring a the post-apocalyptic world. My take isn’t quite as grim as most.

Happy second Advent!