And the day goes…AAAACK!

The school district, obligingly, gave Julianna a great birthday present–a day off school! For a whole 1/4″ of snow! Wow! What a generous crew they are.

I had this lovely post planned on the subject of what I “treasure,” but it’s a quiet, reflective post, and my house is filled with children screaming over yesterday’s birthday presents and birthday chocolate chip pancakes. So I think I’m going to give you a birthday-photo post, just so you know I haven’t forgotten you, and we’ll attempt a return to regular programming on Wednesday!

blowing out candles
Real SAHMs, who have their act together, remember to buy the appropriate number candle. And they have an ability to cut cakes so they are, yanno, flat. With icing the appropriate consistency to make, yanno, shells. Creative-type work-at-home moms, instead, realize that the only two number candles in the drawer happen to add up to the right number for this girl.
J b-day outfit
The picture doesn’t do it justice, but she dressed herself this morning in her Christmas dress, her polka-dot leggings, and three necklaces. Happy 8th, sweet-pea.