Walk In The Woods: A Photo Essay


This week, every single thing that makes life busy is converging upon one week: looming deadlines, baseball, piano, horseback, lessons, choir, two family visits, First Communion, a bake sale for the fifth grade, and to top it off, I am playing in a concert on Thursday, which means I have long, late rehearsals. So this little photo essay, of a walk in the Gans Creek Nature Area, will stand in my corner of the e-universe until Monday. Hope you enjoy!

Gans Creek blog 1 (orig. 136)

I’m a sucker for trails where the trees form a tunnel.

Gans Creek blog honeysuckle (137)

My walking companion enjoys the wild honeysuckle

Gans Creek blog phlox (021)

A wild phlox bloom that was so far from any plant, I can only assume some little hands carried it up the hill and dropped it in the middle of the path.

Gans Creek blog shooting star (049)

“Spring Beauty”

Gans Creek blog rock tower (064)

Gans Creek blog vine (066)

Gans Creek blog tree (072)

Gans Creek blog violets (109)

Wild violets

Gans Creek blog magic isle (105)

This mossy rock looks to me like a magic isle. Like you could almost step into another world.

Gans Creek blog shaft of light (138)

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