My Life In Ten Pictures


1: Crazy Kids in a big hollow tree stump

Crazy Boys

2: Fire Starter

Fire Starter

3: What a haircut looks like when it’s been 6 months…


4: New ‘do

New 'do

5: Four kids, and still they find new ways to misuse the house…(In case you’re wondering, he’s got Batmobiles in his hand and is driving them up and down the support beam.)Stair Crawler

6: Sven in Peril:

Sven in peril

7: Probably put there by Darth Michael-us (who knew a winter coat made such a good costume?)

Darth Michael-us

8: King of the please-let-it-die-before-it-strands-me-again truck:King of the Mountain

9: The Incredible Backward Boy has grown up into the Incredible Inside Out boy….Inside Out Boy

10: And of course, here’s the Princess Sophia wannabe. This is how she watches Netflix on the iPad, except usually she pushes her glasses up on top of her head.

J ipad pose

And yes, she actually was watching with her leg straight up in the air. Have I ever mentioned that once we found her sleeping that way?

Time for a weekend. Have a good one!

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