On Appropriate Superbowl-Watching Techniques

Because you know you ate way too much guacamole, plus a soda and a glass of wine, and you figure you’ve got to burn off a few of those calories, your Superbowl gathering becomes a session of:

Communal Planking.


It turns out those band director friends of yours make their marching bands do sprints, pushups, situps, and planks as part of practice. Who knew? Madame I-think-I’m-so-fit-because-I-go-to-Jazzercise couldn’t keep up!

Communal Bicycling


And Leg exercises…

AKA turning Michael upside down and tossing him. (I did this with all the kids, but Michael’s the only one small enough still, and he’s not far from the edge. Waaaaaah.)