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Joy to the World: Advent Activities for your Family seeks to help families find a balance between the fun, but let’s face it, crazy stuff that fills December, and the event we’re supposed to be celebrating in the first place. Read more about the genesis of this project here.
Cover Art: Bringing Lent To Life
Lent is a difficult season for an entirely different reason. Bring Lent to Life invites families to look at Lent, not as a season to be endured with wailing and gnashing of teeth, but as an opportunity for renewal.
Our call as Christians is not just to know the faith, but to evangelize by living it. This Little Light of Mine: Living the Beatitudes offers reflections for both adults and children on familiar topics like the Ten Commandments and the corporal and spiritual works of mercy–but with a focus on living them out in practical, everyday ways.

I returned to the Beatitudes, focusing specifically on them for adults, with this book:

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OSV contacted me about writing The Beatitudes at the same time I was starting up Intentional Catholic. I’m particularly happy with how it turned out, because it gave me a chance to clearly articulate what I mean when I talk about living the faith intentionally in the real world. This is a very short book meant to pray and reflect with over the course of around a month. Each Beatitude is addressed by focusing inward, on my own heart and attitudes, then focusing outward on how it applies in the way I interact with others. Finally, I synthesize my reflections and journaling to identify what God might be calling me to do in my real life, in light of this Beatitude.
The Novena Meditations for the Wounded is a very short booklet with a 9-day reflection for prayer. It published a few short months before the pandemic, and I have been shocked at how appropriate it is for the times we’ve been thrust into.

Selected Short Nonfiction:

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  1. Hi Kathleen, I’m putting together a collection of poems and short stories about Down Syndrome. I would love if you would consider submitting something. We aren’t paying, but all proceeds are going to Gifts from the Heart for Downs, an organization that grants wishes for people with Down Syndrome (age 2 and older).

    Submissions are due by June 1, and I’m hoping to get it formatted and ready by July 1. Thanks! You can contact me at and check out the organization on Facebook or at

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