Word(y) Wednesday


This is too cute to bury in another post.

For those who might be new visitors from the carnival, meet my daughter: wall-demolisher, universal charmer, mommy-mind-reader, a conduit for Heavenly beauty, and now–aspiring flute player…just like Mommy!

Uh, sweetheart, you might need to turn it around.

She is never more excited about Mommy than when I pull out my flute.  But I will never let her touch it, which makes her less than happy. 😉

Good thing Mommy has a flute student who’s less protective of her instrument. Maybe that’s why Miss K. got the hug of the century.

Sunday at church, I went to the piano to cover for Christian so he could go to Communion, and to my horror, amid “Taste and see,” I saw Julianna lifting my, um, let’s just say as-expensive-as-a-used-car flute off its peg. Is it acceptable to leave the congregation hanging in order to save an expensive repair bill? Fortunately, Christian saw as well, and rescued my poor flute from the clutches of my over-eager daughter.

(Sharing today at Angie’s Wordful Wednesday roundup , at You Capture: Fun with I Should Be Folding Laundry, and at 5 Minutes For Special Needs: Special Exposure Wednesday)

8 thoughts on “Word(y) Wednesday

  1. That’s a crime that quality musical instruments are so expensive! 😛

    Is it possible to find a cheap student flute for Julianna to practice with? Umm… a really cheap one. LOL
    Obviously, she’ll still be enamoured with your shiny flute, but perhaps with a bit of practice she’ll understand how to hold and perhaps operate one. 😀

    My toddlers are the same way with pianos. I wince whenever they bang on the keys, so I purchased a cheap plastic keyboard from Target.
    And get this – it MEOWS! Yes, indeed it does. One of the settings simulates “meowing” as an intrument. Hehe 😉

    They might be disappointed if an actual piano doesn’t meow after this….

    • Tara, if I had a toy keyboard that meowed, I think I might have to shoot myself. LOL!

      As for expensive flutes, bear in mind this is what I studied in college & grad school, so I have a professional model flute. Among the cheapest pro models, as a matter of fact. 😉

      I’d love for Julianna to start playing for real, but for now she’s just holding it to her mouth and singing (you might be able to tell that from the pictures). Maybe she’ll figure out the “blow into a hole” skill at the same time she figures out “suck through a straw.” We have toy bath flutes to play with in the meantime.

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