What I Have Seen With My Own Eyes (a 7QT post)

Lately I’ve been enjoying the mental challenge of writing to a prompt while remaining true to my essential message. Or at least, attempting to do so. (Faithful readers, you’ve been quiet lately. I miss you! It makes me wonder if I’m not as successful as I think I am!)

Anyway, Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop used this prompt yesterday: What seven wonders have you seen with your own two eyes? I missed the prompt, but I loved the idea, so I’m using it today instead for my quick takes. Here’s the funny thing. With my attraction to nature, I thought I’d be listing mountains and rivers and forests. But no matter what image I brought to mind, it seemed stale. The only things that seemed to hold up were of an entirely different nature:

  1. After a wretched muck of a love life, looking across a darkened truck cab at a black-haired Italian piano player and realizing that my dream man thought I was his dream woman.
  2. After a valiant attempt to screw up the best thing that ever happened to me, walking up the aisle toward that same man on a hot Labor Day Saturday afternoon, surrounded by two hundred people who loved us both.
  3. Two lines on a pregnancy test, after all realistic hope of biological motherhood seemed gone.
  4. Seeing my face reflected in the eyes of my firstborn. I always thought that was just a poetic line…seeing yourself in someone’s eyes.
  5. Comforting my daughter in the night and realizing that the dark-veiled image of her face looked almost exactly like the shadowy ultrasound image of her younger sibling.
  6. Little ones, flesh of my flesh, with their hands on my belly, talking to the sibling they haven’t met and yet already love.
  7. And looking down at the child snuggled against me, and closing my eyes because the sight distracts from the wondrous sensation of small, soft hands clasping mine, and soft, chubby cheeks pressed against my chest.

I’ve seen many beautiful things, things majestic and awe-striking and worthy of heartfelt  “yay God.” But these are the things that pierce me so deep that they change me. That make me anew.

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