7 Quick Takes, vol. 68: a busy week

Whew! How much can you cram into a week?

1. Over the weekend, we celebrated Julianna’s third birthday:

2. On Monday, we spent the day visiting schools. First we went to Julianna’s new school, where we met her teachers and most of the therapy staff. Julianna looked right at home, playing coy with the instructional aide. Stinker. Then we headed over to the Catholic school, where Alex will start kindergarten in the fall, so that he could meet the teachers and see the classrooms. It was interesting to see how he views the school, which we spend a lot of time in as it’s all wrapped up in the church building; he told me it wasn’t a real school. Ah, my son, you will soon know better! (Evil laugh.)

3. And then, Tuesday (Julianna’s actual birthday)…she got on the bus…


…and went to school.


I was a little weepy. It’s different to send Julianna to school than it was to send Alex. By the time we reached Alex’s first day, it seemed like a natural outgrowth of life. Not so with Julianna, who can’t even tell us how school went, what they did—even if she enjoyed it. We rely on the notes from the teachers, which come twice a week. Christian took the morning off work so he could follow the bus over and walk her inside—just so she didn’t freak out about the transition. Then he retrieved her from the bus when she got home.


Poignant…but boy, I got a lot done with two at school and one down for nap!

4. On Day Two of school, I had to take a picture again b/c she was just so cute!


5. It was a big week for advocacy efforts, too. PEP-C met on Saturday to mobilize the forces. In the chaos of starting Julianna at school, I was a couple of days late writing the email I was supposed to send, but on Wednesday I sent out the call for people to call the speaker’s office, asking that our bill be assigned to committee. (Incremental steps, y’know.) All day, people kept responding, telling me they’d called and had forwarded the email on to everyone they knew in the state of Missouri. Late that afternoon I was delighted when one of those emails read: “I just called the speaker’s office and she told me, ‘I’ve been getting slammed with these calls today!’” Yesssssss.

6. In the same vein, I was on the news last night! Unfortunately, the video doesn’t seem to have been chosen for inclusion on the web site, but they did do this writeup.

7. Speaking of Julianna’s communication notebook…how do you like this?


 What kind of day are YOU having? 🙂